Financial Services Provided by Scott & Associates

Income Planning, Retirement Plans and Legacy Planning

Are you looking for financial consulting to help you prepare in advance for retirement?
Want to preserve your retirement savings that you worked to acquire?
Need help with managing your funds during retirement to maximize what you have?
Interested in leaving a financial legacy to your children?

Scott & Associates can help. Let us take the research and concern out of how to manage your funds in retirement, so you may sit back and celebrate this joyous milestone in your life. We can show you how to generate an income for life AND bequest a legacy to your children.

To begin, Scott & Associates will determine whether or not your current strategies match your goals. Most financial advisors focus on helping you accumulate assets. We’ll help you look forward to cut future tax bills and avoid financial problems. For instance, do you have problems like phantom income taxation or other tax issues?

The wonderful benefit of our 3 Step Review is that it can help you stop your money from falling through the cracks, and it assures that any major financial decision is right for you. You’ll learn what questions to ask before making any financial decisions and identify ways to assure your choices are in your best interest.

Our easy-to-understand 3 Step Review applies to any financial situation, including:

  • Increasing your income stream or lowering your risk level
  • Understanding your financial situation in any life-changing circumstance such as loss of your spouse
  • Planning for or managing your retirement savings
  • Wisely rolling over large sums of money
  • Understanding how a real estate sale will affect your situation

The First Step: Tax Efficiency

As a Trusted Advisor, we’ll determine a strategy to help lower your taxes.

The Second Step: Risk Assessment

We then explain your risk exposure to ensure your investment decisions are aligned with your financial objectives.

The Third Step: Income Security

Through an in-depth analysis, we determine if you are using your income sources correctly and whether the investment will provide adequate income for your future.

For more information on our services, contact us today for a personal consultation.